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Outlander (season 4)

369 views Comments (0)


2 episodes

The story of the series “Outlander” begins with the fact that after the end of the Second World War, a young couple goes to Scotland. So it turns out that the wife, whose name is Claire, goes alone on the hill where the Celtic stones are located, touches them, and ends up in 1743. And so began her adventures in the 18th century, where the Scots fought for their independence from the British, and where she would meet friends, enemies, meet another love, where her life would be in danger and she would save the lives of other people.


Midnight, Texas (season 2)

592 views Comments (0)

Midnight, Texas

3 episodes

This is the story of the small town of Midnight,Texas. Here came the main character Manfred, who has paranormal abilities. Unexpectedly, he found himself intertwined with local mystical events, having a far larger scale than one would have imagined. Manfred is confronted with the embodiment of this evil and is trying to stop the coming apocalypse. It would seem that he succeeded, but none of the visitors should be aware of the secrets of the town, because it is here that vampires live, werewolves and other vermin.


Charmed (season 1)

2,780 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

In the center of events there are three sisters who learn that they have magical abilities, and the power of their three can defeat any evil. Each sister has her own gift, someone has a more developed one, someone, on the contrary, is just beginning to learn its strength. Each episode shows us how sisters save innocent people with their abilities. The series “Charmed” is not only a struggle between good and evil. It is also everyday life: here we are shown love, friendship, family relations, children, and much more.


Titans (season 1)

2,693 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The basis of the series “Titans” became comics about the team of young superheroes. The group is led by Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. A former circus artist, an alien princess, a girl with obvious demonic forces that are difficult to hold back and a teenager who has the ability to turn into animals after taking medicine have joined the team of superheroes.


Knight Squad (season 1)

7,231 views Comments (0)

Knight Squad

17 episodes

A new comic series fantasy “Knight Squad” will tell you about two schoolchildren who, by chance coincidence, are bound by a common secret. Once upon a time these two guys were at enmity with each other. But now they had to unite in a Knight Squad, but they are completely different in character. Both main characters in their dreams have always seen themselves as brave warriors saving the princesses. And now their dreams come true.


Daredevil (season 3)

822 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Daredevil in the comics is a blind superhero, a direct embodiment of the expression “justice is blind.” Matt Murdock as a child got in an accident, after which the chemicals got into his eyes, because of this he was blind. It is not known what these chemicals were, but because of it, all the other feelings of the hero (from hearing to a sense of balance) have sharpened to all reasonable limits. Young Matt lost his father-boxer because of crime in his home district of New York. Years later, he fights crime … at daytime as a lawyer Matt Murdock, and at night as “Daredevil”.


Sorry to Bother You (2018)

179 views Comments (0)

Sorry to Bother You

The action of the American fantasy comedy “Sorry to Bother You” takes place in Oklahoma, California. The main character is in despair, ready for any job to get on his feet. The only job he can find is a telemarketer at RegalView. But having learned a dark secret about his superiors, the main character makes a choice between a career and a struggle for justice.


Good Witch (season 5)

209 views Comments (0)

Good Witch

Special episodes

In the life of the main heroine there were serious positive changes – they had neighbors – the Radfords. Yes, not just some kind of noisy family, but the two men. Sam Radford, along with his teenage son Nick, leaves New York and the heroines immediately fell in love with them, and they in turn will try to charm them. The “Good Witch” series tells viewers a new magical story about Cassie Nightingale.


The Outpost (season 1)

10,728 views Comments (0)

The Outpost

10 episodes

The main character of this series “The outpost” is a young girl named Talon. She alone survived the terrible slaughter. The only representative of the blood race is now trying to find the one who killed her family. A small watchtower is the place where she will have to search. The outpost is on the border of civilization, and then – an unknown desert. Talon feels in herself the incredible powers that take possession of her body. She tries to tame her power to learn how to use the flow of energy within herself. The girl will do everything possible to get rid of state and religious pressure in order to find the killer of her loved ones.


Christopher Robin (2018)

427 views Comments (0)

Christopher Robin

This story is about what happened when Christopher Robin grew up, he had a family and an important, “scary” responsible job. And then suddenly he had to help the talking toys again, as in childhood. Christopher Robin, as a child, had friends not like everyone else. But as is always the case, in childhood we firmly believe that we will remember and appreciate everything that we knew then and take with us into adulthood. But he, it seems, is not the same. The movie “Christopher Robin” is not for children, but for parents who often forget about the most important thing in life – the family.

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